Good lord, who's this?

I’m Kevin Zengel, Associate Creative Director at 160over90.

As a writer, I blend untapped truths with a hearty mix of charm and guts. It's this special sauce that has driven millions of users, viewers, and consumers to my clients since 2009. Outside of the 9 to 5, I mess around in development and design. I'm most ways good. Any remaining free time is spent chasing misadventure to catalogue dive bars and jazz clubs between our two shining seas, I'll share the Google Doc if you ask.

Currently working at highly-lauded agencies on world-renowned brands.
Contact me at kevinczengel(at)

Little-known facts:
Eagle Scout
Scottish Lord
1x Mardi Gras King
Zimbabwean Billionaire
MIT Aerospace Engineer
2nd Chair Alto Saxophonist
Monmouth Arts FilmSlam Judge
Shared stylist/clothier with Elvis
Minister of the Open Road Church
National Parks Service: Junior Ranger
Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressionist
$45,391 raised (and lost) on Kickstarter
Top 1% of Arkham Series players globally
Recognized "good kid" by James Gandolfini
4x Featured Extra: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
Bad cyclist, surfer, runner, and fisherman
Good speaker—better listener

Awards list:
Webby Awards People’s Choice
ADDY Awards Best in Show
ADDY Awards Gold (7x)
W3 Awards Gold (1x)
Clio Awards Featured Writer
Saint Leo: Student Employee of the Year