The King of (Light) Beers

160over90 pitched Bud Light on a bi-weekly basis. I wasn’t on the main team, but every now and again my ECD would tap me to bark out ideas for Bud Light, Bud Light Platinum, and Bud Light Lemonade. There were dozens if not hundreds of baked out concepts just waiting for a budget, but check my Crisp, TX idea that got ported over to Bud Light Seltzer, and a few Bud Light Lemonade executions that were greenlit, iced by COVID-19, and shaved into a social post. Normally, I wouldn’t show pitchwork but the Bud Light Lemonade work almost came true, #RIP.

  • Bud Light: Crisp
  • Pitch: Crisp, TX
  • Insta: Seltzer, PA Insta
  • Bud Light Lemonade
  • Pitch: Budlightenment
  • Pitch: Budlightenment 2
  • Pitch: The GLOAT
  • Pitch: The GLOAT 2
  • Insta: When life gives us lemons, we give you Lemonade.


ECD: Roni Sebastian
ACD/Design: Matt Gribben, Nick Sellars
ACD/Copy: Katie Moore