The Most Magical Place(s) on Earth

I've worked on Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Disney World, Aulani... pretty much any Disney location you can think of. While I've written metric tons of videos, emails, banner ads, billboards and beyond, the assorted projects below are my favorites.


This package was sent to over 2 million families. My team and I sourced Cast Members with inspiring backgrounds for a vignette series. Additionally, I was responsible for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom b-roll, as well as a video series that illustrated Disney Parks planning tools.

Cast Member Vignettes, Park Guides, & Digital Tools


Disney World is known for its blowout summer events. On my last summer campaign, "Awaken Summer," I wrote an international TV spot, led a takeover of Montreal's Lucien L'Allier Station and created international and domestic billboards, banners and boilerplate. Hundreds of these boards were sprinkled around Florida and Montreal, usually with Universal Studios ads in tow. To keep the message clear, we focused on new IP.

National & International

  • LucienStation1
  • LucienStation2
  • LucienStation3
  • LucienStation4
  • LucienStation5
  • LucienStation6
  • SuperboardElsa
  • SuperboardKylo
  • SuperboardRapunzel
  • SuperboardRiversOfLight
  • BillboardNemo
  • BillboardBB8
  • BillboardSW
  • BillboardAWM
  • BillboardFrozen


GCD: Dennis Chalifour
CD: Latanya Beauregard
Art Directors: Bil Shannon, Todd Batik, Ty Amato