Good lord, who's he/him?

I’m Kevin Zengel, a Scottish Lord and Creative Director who's (mostly) fearless.

As a writer, I blend untapped truths with a hearty mix of charm and guts. This special sauce has driven millions of viewers and consumers to my clients since 2009. Beyond the 9 to 5, I do things an 11-year-old me would tell his Dad about. So far that’s live bull riding in Tombstone, AZ, pitting the Baja 500 deep in Mexico, and singing lead for Metalsome (a live band) in Atlanta. Other times it's me coding this site, doodling storyboards, or sketching UX mockups. Shoot me a buzz and let's chop it up.

Currently working at Havas on world-renowned brands.
Contact me at kevin(at)

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The occasional awards

• 2024 WEBBY AWARDS: Finalist // Havas “The First Metaverse Internship in the World”
• 2023 W3 AWARDS: Gold (3x) // Havas “The First Metaverse Internship in the World”
• 2023 BUSINESS INSIDER // Top 30 Rising Stars of Madison Avenue
• 2023 CLIO AWARDS: Shortlist // Blazy Susan “Not-So-Barbie OOH Campaign”
• 2023 LINKEDIN FOR CREATIVES // Top Copywriting Voice (Inaugural)
• 2022 TRANSFORM AWARDS: Silver (2x) // Havas Mango “Best of Branding"
• 2022 CLIO AWARDS: Bronze // WWE 2K22 “It Hits Different”
• 2022 CASE AWARDS: Grand Gold (2x) // Yale “For Humanity”
• 2021 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // University of Arizona “Wonder Makes Us”
• 2021 TELLY AWARDS: Silver // University of Arizona “Wonder Makes Us”
• 2020 CLIO AWARDS: Featured Creative // Muse on Talent
• 2016 ADDY AWARDS: Silver (2x) // Disney “Earmarked Awards”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hibbett Sports “Heart Walk”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hibbett Sports “Coach Hibbett”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hix Snedeker “”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Silver // Bertram Yachts “Hell or High Water”
• 2014 WEBBY AWARDS: Finalist // Red Square Agency “”
• 2014 W3 AWARDS: Gold // Red Square Agency “”
• 2014 W3 AWARDS: Gold // Hix Snedeker “Site Launch”
• 2013 ADDY AWARDS: Best of Show // Red Square Agency “”
• 2013 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Red Square Agency “”
• 2013 CSS DESIGN AWARDS: Best of 404 // Red Square Agency “”
• 2010 SAINT LEO: STUDENT EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR // Honoree, Stewardship

Little known facts

Eagle Scout
Scottish Lord
1x Mardi Gras King
Zimbabwean Billionaire
MIT Aerospace Engineer
• YMCA Lifeguard (former)
1x Wu-Tang Collaborator
(Future) LAX Police Officer
2nd Chair Alto Saxophonist
Mentor to Cal State Dirtbags
Licensed Mexican fisherman
• Share stylist/clothier with Elvis
Monmouth Arts FilmSlam Judge
Minister of the Open Road Church
12x Tough Mudder endurance runner
National Parks Service: Junior Ranger
$45,391 raised (and lost) on Kickstarter
• Jameson-certified Irish Whiskey Taster
Scouts BSA: Troop 22 Preparedness Guide
State of Florida-recognized Python Hunter
Recognized "good kid" by James Gandolfini
1x SCORE International Baja 500 Chase Team
• Youngest Pharmacy Tech in New Jersey (former)
Honorary Deckhand on the Svea: 2x J-Class Champ
Formerly among the top .6% of Batmen in the World
Silver Medalist in the Flora-Bama Mullet Man Triathlon
Schwarzenegger said my Schwarzenegger impression was "cool"
4x Featured Extra: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
Bad cyclist, surfer, mountaineer, and runner (but I try)
• Good listener and consummate storyteller