Good lord, who's he/him?

I’m Kevin Zengel, a Scottish Lord and Creative Director who's mostly fearless on the weekends.

As a writer, I blend untapped truths with a hearty mix of charm and guts. This special sauce has driven millions of users, viewers, and consumers to my clients since 2009. Beyond the 9 to 5, I do things an 11-year-old me would tell his Dad about. So far that’s live bull riding in Tombstone, AZ, pitting the Baja 500 deep in Mexico, and singing lead in a live band in Atlanta. But other times it's just me coding this site or sketching storyboards. Shoot me a buzz and let's chop it up.

Currently working at Havas on world-renowned brands.
Contact me at kevin(at)

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The occasional awards

• 2023 BUSINESS INSIDER // Top 30 Rising Stars of Madison Avenue
• 2023 LINKEDIN FOR CREATIVES // Top Copywriting Voice
• 2023 W3 AWARDS: Gold (3x) // Havas “The First Metaverse Internship in the World”
• 2023 CLIO AWARDS: Shortlist // Blazy Susan “Not-So-Barbie”
• 2022 CLIO AWARDS: Bronze // WWE 2K22 “It Hits Different”
• 2022 CASE AWARDS: Grand Gold (2x) // Yale “For Humanity”
• 2021 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // University of Arizona “Wonder Makes Us”
• 2021 TELLY AWARDS: Silver // University of Arizona “Wonder Makes Us”
• 2021 TRANSFORM AWARDS: Silver (2x) // Mango “Best of Branding""
• 2020 CLIO AWARDS: Featured Creative // Muse on Talent
• 2016 ADDY AWARDS: Silver (2x) // Disney “Earmarked Awards”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hibbett Sports “Heart Walk”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hibbett Sports “Coach Hibbett”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Hix Snedeker “”
• 2015 ADDY AWARDS: Silver // Bertram Yachts “Hell or High Water”
• 2014 WEBBY AWARDS: Finalist // Red Square Agency “”
• 2014 W3 AWARDS: Gold // Red Square Agency “”
• 2014 W3 AWARDS: Gold // Hix Snedeker “Site Launch”
• 2013 ADDY AWARDS: Best of Show // Red Square Agency “”
• 2013 ADDY AWARDS: Gold // Red Square Agency “”
• 2013 CSS DESIGN AWARDS: Best of 404 // Red Square Agency “”
• 2010 SAINT LEO: STUDENT EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR // Honoree, Stewardship

Little known facts

Eagle Scout
Scottish Lord
1x Mardi Gras King
Zimbabwean Billionaire
MIT Aerospace Engineer
• YMCA Lifeguard (former)
1x Wu-Tang Collaborator
(Future) LAX Police Officer
2nd Chair Alto Saxophonist
Mentor to Cal State Dirtbags
Licensed Mexican fisherman
• Share stylist/clothier with Elvis
Monmouth Arts FilmSlam Judge
Minister of the Open Road Church
12x Tough Mudder endurance runner
National Parks Service: Junior Ranger
$45,391 raised (and lost) on Kickstarter
• Jameson-certified Irish Whiskey Taster
Scouts BSA: Troop 22 Preparedness Guide
State of Florida-recognized Python Hunter
Recognized "good kid" by James Gandolfini
1x SCORE International Baja 500 Chase Team
• Youngest Pharmacy Tech in New Jersey (former)
Honorary Deckhand on the Svea: 2x J-Class Champ
Formerly among the top .6% of Batmen in the World
Silver Medalist in the Flora-Bama Mullet Man Triathlon
Schwarzenegger said my Schwarzenegger impression was "cool"
4x Featured Extra: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
Bad cyclist, surfer, mountaineer, and runner (but I try)
• Good listener and consummate storyteller