Wonder Makes Us

The University of Arizona needed a silver bullet. Better rankings and higher enrollment, full-stop. So we (160over90) left for Tucson. My team and I interviewed hundreds of students, alumni, and staff from provosts to painters; searching for what drove everyone at the university's dreams. We found Wonder—the unique curiosity that actualizes the extraordinary. In year one, I led print, OOH, and digital, sourcing and writing stories to define what “Wonder Makes Us.” In year two, I led the whole damn thing. Over those two years, I built out TV, digital video, OOH, social, banners, and more; ultimately increasing enrollment by ~9% and boosting UA into the Top 40 in the U.S. News & Report rankings. While 160over90 had a "no award shows" rule—this work got submitted and won a Gold ADDY and Silver Telly Award due to its unique animation styles.

  • Santa Monica Rail Takeover // 1
  • Santa Monica Rail Takeover // 2
  • Venice Bus Wrap
  • Dallas Bus Wrap
  • San Francisco Bus Wrap
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Wonder Microsite

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Illustrators: Dominique Ramsey, Nuria Boj
Animators: Krystal Downs, Joe Dunlap
Design: Kevin Fenton, Matthew Grier
ACD: Allison Dobkin, Andrea Drever, Matt Gribben
CD: Harry Skourtis, Kat Saoyen
GCD: Adam Griffiths
CCO: Christian Carl
Production: Anderson Bradshaw, Taylor Price, Lori Schmon
Account Director: Sarah Tjoa, Kieran Delaharpe, Kelsey McKenzie