Spark The Energy

Early in the 2019-2020 season, my team was charged with creating the hype video and V.I.P. experience for the new-to-Los Angeles Chargers. It was a tough act as the team left all their fans in San Diego and LA doesn't give a single damn about sports. So we leaned into style. We ideated around what made the Chargers unique not only to LA but the nation. Think irreverence meets electric swag all wrapped in a powder blue jersey. Ultimately, what we created was bought and produced as "Spark The Energy," but along the way I got to meet Coach Anthony Lynn (cool guy) and hang with a few players at their draft party.

  • Kevin McGill x Powder Blue
  • Keenan Allen x Powder Blue
  • Chris Harris Jr. x Powder Blue
  • Philip Rivers x Powder Blue
  • Chargers Shotlist
  • Concepts: Powder Blue
  • Concepts: Powder Blue
  • Concepts: Bolt Up
  • Concepts: Bolt Up


GCD: Adam Griffiths
CD: Harry Skourtis
ACD/Design: Matt Gribben
Senior Designer: Kevin Fenton
Account Director: Sarah Tjoa
Account Executive: Kelsey McKenzie