Biloxi, Tulsa, and other sin cities

Red Square was responsible for the creative output of several Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos. I led copy on two. We pitched national Hard Rock properties, concepted and produced countless entertainment events, recorded endless radio, and punched out more headlines than an intern at the New York Post. Sex and drugs would’ve been nice, but rock and roll was good to me. Below find some assorted events I concepted (posters, landing page, radio) and a Hard Rock Tulsa game that let players shred through a zombie horde a la guitar.

  • Drum Something Up: Bring the noise every Thursday in July.
  • Guitar of Greatness: You pick it every Tuesday in July.
  • CRV 2015: Caution, Huge Wins Ahead.
  • Hot Prizes, Sticky Sweet
  • Prizes So Good Make A Grown Man Cry
  • Welcome To The Jingle
  • Pour Some Cash On Yourself.
  • Wanted Sugar or Spice: OOH

Hard Rock Tulsa: $8,000 Wild Wednesdays Site

Red Square Agency

AD: Jordan Kabalka, Seong Wong, Carol Anne Solberger
ACD: Andy Layton, Wally Hitchcock
CD: Cyril Guichard
CCO: Rich Sullivan