Biloxi, Tulsa, and other sin cities

Red Square was responsible for the creative output of several Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos. I led copy on three. Hard Rock is an awesome brand—my team and I happily concepted and produced endless events, recorded countless radio, and dropped more headlines than a newspaper boy circa 1929. Sex and drugs would’ve been nice, but rock and roll was good enough for me. Below find some pieces I concepted (posters, landing page, radio, events) and a Hard Rock Tulsa game that let players shred through a zombie horde (oh so 2012) a la guitar.

  • Drum Something Up: Bring the noise every Thursday in July.
  • Guitar of Greatness: You pick it every Tuesday in July.
  • CRV 2015: Caution, Huge Wins Ahead.
  • Hot Prizes, Sticky Sweet
  • Prizes So Good Make A Grown Man Cry
  • Welcome To The Jingle
  • Pour Some Cash On Yourself.
  • Wanted Sugar or Spice: OOH

Hard Rock Tulsa: $8,000 Wild Wednesdays Site

Red Square Agency

AD: Jordan Kabalka, Seong Wong, Carol Anne Solberger
ACD: Andy Layton, Wally Hitchcock
CD: Cyril Guichard
CCO: Rich Sullivan