For on and off the field

Whether you're familiar with Hibbett or not, they're #3 nationally in sports retail. During my tenure at RSQ, I was the lead writer. Below is my favorite work, three separate projects including an event campaign, a social media campaign and a print campaign.


Hibbett Sports is vested in the health of its consumers. Each year they sponsored the American Heart Association Heart Walk around their HQ in Birmingham, Alabama. We crowdsourced excuses through the Hibbett social media channels—on the day of the event, Heart Walk participants treaded their excuses to dust.


Back-to-school season is a crucial quarter in retail. On a shoestring budget, our team created "Coach Hibbett," a one-time champ from yesteryear personally answering your every back-to-school/sporting question. I was live on set typing out his responses.

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The line below began as a one-off. After a few months, I found out the client had liked it so much it became the annual marketing tag. Put simply, Hibbett Sports is where athletes shop for on and off the field, allowing athletes to live in "a constant state of game."

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Red Square Agency

CCO: Rich Sullivan
CD: RT Herwig
ACD: Stephean Grimes
Senior Designer: Patrick Reid