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A year into my time at Havas Mango, we asked our CCO Eric Weisberg what health and wellness would look like in the metaverse. He wasn’t sure. So then we asked if we could exclusively hire some interns to find out. That answer was a resounding “yes.” Long and short, we built official and unofficial social campaigns to attract talent on platforms like Discord, Twitch, Instagram, and beyond. 300 applications later, we had four hires. Nine weeks later, we had four experiences built on Roblox, Horizon Worlds, Spatial, and AltSpace VR. More on all that below.

The Metaverse Internship Reel

Let's start from the end. Over nine weeks, our interns Juan Diego Torres, Sarah Kim, Joshua Igwe, and Jingyuan Kang created four wildly different metaverse experiences across four platforms. Each was built off a pre-established health and wellness insight provided by our Strat team. My partner Aly and I heavily directed their individual experience narratives and kept each intern in their own visual and thematic lane. We cut this recap video for our CCO's grad recruitment purposes.

The 4 Metaverse Builds

We hired grad students from national and international universities, including Juan Diego Torres from Ohio State University, Sarah Kim and Jingyuan Kang of Carnegie Mellon, and Joshua Igwe of Ontario College of Art and Design. Find a synopsis of their builds below, as well as live links to their experiences.

Check out Juan, and find his experience 'Missing Museum' here.

Check out Sarah, and find her experience 'Eclipse' here.

Check out Joshua, and find his experience 'Chronic Escape Room' here.

Check out Jingyuan, and find his experience 'Vibe Chamber' here.

The Metaverse Internship Recruitment Campaign

Recruiting was it's own beast, if you're looking for more sweet, sweet headlines:
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Havas Health & You

Metaverse Interns: Juan Diego Torres, Sarah Kim, Joshua Igwe, Jingyuan Kang
Strategists: Christen Casey, Laura Santana
Design Director: Aly Lopez
Producer: Melody De Zendegui
Managing Director: Tristan Stevens
Director of Technology: Yossi Speiser
CCO: Eric Weisberg