2020-2021 film slate

160over90 is owned by Endeavor. Endeavor is owned by Ari Emanuel. Ari Emanuel is the character behind Ari Gold in Entourage. Luckily for me both Aris — real and fake — are movie guys, meaning every now and again my team pitched from backlot to boardroom on the next big blockbuster. Below, you'll see the work that got through. The Top Gun: Maverick work got reshaped for Sonic The Hedgehog. The big Paramount x Postmates x Sweethearts collab got trimmed into a Valentine's Day gif series. My big lesson from Tinseltown: working weekends is easy when you're pitching to Tom Cruise('s assistants).

  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Excerpt from the deck
  • Excerpt from the deck

  • The Lovebirds
  • Excerpt from the deck
  • Excerpt from the deck
  • Sliding into your DMs like...
  • Sup?
  • You cute
  • Single and ready to mingle
  • Kiss sent
  • I'm waiting
  • You're a snack
  • Blocked
  • Kiss caught
  • Fun while it lasted
  • Let's chill


GCD: Adam Griffiths
ACD: Matt Gribben
Senior Designer: Kevin Fenton
VP Client Services: James Moylan
Account Manager: Hilary Kidwell