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In my first week at Red Square (then RSQ), I was given the reins to the agency site—I defined what RSQ was all about. Simply put, it won a shitload of awards including W3 Gold, ADDY Gold, ADDY Best of Show, a Webby nomination and 100,000+ interactions.

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In one form or another, RSQ had been around since 1977. We pulled heavily from the brazen spirit of the decade. Conceived in the heart of the '70s, RSQ had been selling big for clients ever since. The error page earned recognition too with a "Best of 404" award.

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Everyone who visited had a path. Potential employees, partners and clients (for all else, see "Fans" below) ran through a creative gauntlet infused with a little bit of personality and humor. We learned about users while they enjoyed the conversation.

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The "Fan" interactions were the most exciting to build out. Users who shared their pertinent information were rewarded with thousands of tchotchkes. Check out the interactions, gifts and personalized messages.

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Red Square Agency

CCO: Rich Sullivan
ACD: Stephean Grimes
Design: Patrick Reid, Chris Rowe
Developer: We Can't Stop Thinking