Season of the Force

Disney wanted to integrate new Star Wars adventures into the Parks before the 2016 release of The Force Awakens. Hundreds of writers at Yellow Shoes, Imagineering, and mcgarrybowen submitted countless ideas for a monumental Disney Parks takeover. That means Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland were going to run one synchronized global event. My concept won. CEO Bob Iger even read it aloud. I named Star Wars: Season of the Force, concepted a few of its in-park experiences, wrote/shot a gif series, and had a hand in international creative. Season of the Force ran for 3 years globally—but in year one, annual Parks visitation increased by 9% (that's 18.2 million guests). Some of that spike was your pal, Kev.


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GCD: Dennis Chalifour
CD: Latanya Beauregard, Will Gay
Designer: John Henselmeier
Photographer: Mr. Gif