WWE 2K22: It Hits Different

.When WWE 2k20 launched it went viral for all the wrong reasons. It was so poorly received that 2k cancelled their 2021 release, dropped their AOR, and rebuilt the game engine from scratch. A slew of agencies were pitching but we were ahead of the internet culture curve—this game hit different. While my initial pitch was more Stone Cold CEO whooping developer a$$ than WWE Superstars playing kumbaya with game designers—our idea won the work. In total we created an announcement trailer and launch spot that captured the vibrant chaos that is the WWE, put out a mountain of splashy feature-centered content, and even hired Machine Gun Kelly to produce the soundtrack before his mainstream glow-up. This work went on to win a Bronze Clio, my first.

(1.07 million views on YouTube)

(420k views on YouTube)

(165k views on Instsa)

(98k views on Insta)

(143k views on Insta)


ECD: Roni Sebastian
GCD: Eric Lamb
CWs: Jeff Odiorne, Josh Waitt
Senior Designer: Kevin Fenton
Senior Strategist: Cierra Moore
Production Director: Barry Chiang