For Humanity: A $7 Billion Campaign

To date, this campaign is the most ambitious fundraising effort of any global university, ever. Yale tapped 160over90 to help find the soul of this multi-billion dollar drive. We pulled out that the core of what Yale's done, is doing, and will is all for (hu)mankind. In campaign language, their "why was we," humanity at the core of every study from vaccines to virtual reality, and Vermeer. This was my last project with 160over90; I interviewed members from every facet of campus to fold their stories and surroundings into the scripts. Then I wrote the five scripts, wrote the pledge book, wrote the For Humanity pillar synopses, and had a heavy hand in the design. I was very stoked to land Angela Bassett as our VO, though we had to turn down Jeff Daniels.

Arts & Humanitites for Insight: Pillar Synopsis

Campaign Pillars

Arts & Humanities for Insight // Science for Breakthroughs // Collaborating for Impact // Leaders for A Better World

for Humanity Viewbook Spread

for Humanity Viewbook Spread

for Humanity Viewbook Spread

for Humanity Site

The campaign is live, check the site here.


Strategy: Matt Yuskewich
Creative Director: Kyle Ferino
Director: Eric Botel
Design: James Snyder